Terms of sale – DB2page


The db2page software can be purchased:

1) online on this site: after registering, simply locate the software you wish to purchase, then follow the shopping cart wizard.

2) by directly contacting Telema Srl
e-mail: info@telema.it
Phone: 045 6767501


Order payments can be made through:
– PAYPAL (you can pay by CREDIT CARD even if you do not have a PayPal account)

Data for payments


Software Downloads

A link will be sent by email that will allow the download of the software within a set time and number of times.

Right of withdrawal

For online purchases, Article 55, paragraph 2, letter d) of Legislative Decree 206/2005 states that the application of the articles on the right of withdrawal is excluded in cases of “supply of audiovisual products or computer software downloaded by the consumer”:

For any disputes send a registered letter to:

Telema Srl
Via Franchetti 4
37138 Verona (VR)

or, by Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) to the following address telema-pec@pec.it

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